Petition Congress Regarding Unfunded Obligations

Dear Your Congressman,

I’d love to hear legislators like you offer solutions to the Trust Fund Crisis, but let’s be real.  Americans aren’t going to listen until they become aware of the problem and its magnitude.  Only then will Americans want to hear about solutions.  Only then will Americans put our politicians’ feet to the fire.

Please educate Americans about America’s Trust Fund Crisis. Your constituents need to know:

  • Medicare projects that its trust fund will be depleted in 2026.
  • Social Security projects that its trust fund will be depleted in 2034.

Your constituents also need to know that the trust fund annual reports state that present value of SS and Medicare unfunded obligations is a combined $17 TRILLION.

Make a NEW LAW to change the way we measure federal net debt:

  • Add SS and Medicare Unfunded Obligations to Official Net Federal Debt.
  • This means adding the $17 TRILLION to the reported $16 TRILLION net debt.
  • This means we’re looking at $33 TRILLION TRUE NATIONAL DEBT.

It’s worse than wrong to ignore $17 TRILLION of unfunded obligations. It’s immoral.

Your Constituent,