Ending Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds

America needs to face the Trust Fund Crisis
By Steve Hirsch

Social Security Shortfall

We're American Seniors, and we’d love to discuss policy solutions to the Trust Fund Crisis. But not yet. Not until more Americans are aware that the Trust Fund Crisis exists. Only then, only when Americans know the gravity of the situation, will Americans care to hear solutions. Only then will Americans push our government to solve the Trust Fund Crisis.

The Social Security and Medicare trust funds are doomed. Medicare's HI (Hospital Insurance) trust fund runs out in 2026.  That's publicly disclosed information.  Anyone can see it on page 7 of the 2018 Medicare Annual Report. Social Security says its trust is depleted in 2034. Yes, that's also public information right there on page 3 of the Social Security 2017 Annual Report.

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How bad is it? Present value of Social Security’s unfunded obligations is $12.5 trillion. Yeah, it’s on page 4 of the SS report. And Medicare’s unfunded obligation is $4.5 trillion. That’s on page 68 of the Medicare report.

Add it up: $12.5 trillion plus $4.5 trillion is $17 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

We Americans never talk about unfunded obligations and the ugly fact that it’s $17 trillion. That’s because it’s mentioned only in documents that no one ever reads. $17 trillion should be more than just a footnote in obscure annual reports that no one reads.


The federal government already says it only owes $16 trillion. Mainstream media reports the same number. Right?

Yes, that's what they say. But it’s misleading. The $17 trillion of unfunded liabilities needs to be added to the $16 trillion official net federal debt. That’s $33 trillion. It's ugly, but the truth is the truth. The federal government is really on the hook for $33 trillion. That’s 65% more than our nation’s GDP of $20 trillion. The Trust Fund Crisis should be headline news, but mainstream media is too busy hyping stupidity from people like Ocasio-Cortez and Jussie Smollett.

$17 trillion-unfunded-liabilities + $16 trillion-official-debt = $33 trillion-real-debt

Every politician should be hollering about these numbers. They should be yelling them from the rooftops. They should be saying that the real net government debt isn’t $16 trillion. It’s $33 trillion.  We’re American Seniors, and we want unfunded obligations to be counted as debt.

Steve Muchin And Alexander Acosta

Why? Why is it so important to add the $17 trillion to the $16 trillion official debt, thus admitting to $33 trillion of real national debt? Because like old-time journalist Earl Wilson once said: Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.

American Seniors would love to offer solutions to the Trust Fund Crisis, but Americans aren’t going to listen until they become aware of the problem and its magnitude. Only then will Americans want to hear about solutions. Only then will Americans put our politicians’ feet to the fire.

Nothing will happen until we admit it: the $17 TRILLION needs to be acknowledged as part of the national debt.

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Steve Hirsch

Steve Hirsch
I'm a businessman who is fast approaching retirement age.