Fishing Guides Lake Tahoe, NV

Trout and Salmon fans will love Lake Tahoe. Check out Zephyr Cove Resort and the Lakeside Marina.

Lake Tahoe, NV fishing charters offer visitors experienced and capable fishing guides who will help to make sure that you get the absolute most out of your fishing experience.  Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination, and is considered the largest Alpine Lake in North America.  Visitors may spend their nights hitting the casinos on the South Shore of Stateline or enjoying the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevadas, but during the day anglers can enjoy fishing for multiple popular species of freshwater fish like brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, and kokanee salmon.  If you want to get the most out of your fishing experience then you definitely want to go with a professional fishing charter from Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Not only can you find excellent Lake Tahoe, NV fishing charters for trout and salmon throughout Lake Tahoe, but you can also find fishing guides who will guide you to the best fly fishing spots on the also popular Little Truckee River.  These two locations offer plenty of opportunity to catch a large stringer of trout or some of the local kokanee salmon.

The lake also is home to several other species not normally considered game fish, like carp and sculpin.  However the trout and kokanee are the main attraction for visiting anglers.  On the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, the southern section of the lake is where you will find the marinas.

Zephyr Cove Resort & Marina, Lakeside Marina, and Round Hill Pines are three of the largest and most popular marinas on the lake.  Here you can find scenic tours, get information on fishing conditions, and hire a professional fishing guide or charter.

Zephyr Cove and Kingsbury are the two popular towns in the southern area and are the most likely places where you’ll be staying during any Lake Tahoe trip.  To the north you have Incline Village and Crystal Bay.  The Lake Tahoe State Park takes up a huge section of shore between the northern and southern settlements along the lake’s edge, and is definitely worth a visit if you want to see some beautiful Alpine country.  The Tahoe Rim Trail is a very popular and famous hiking and cycling trail that stretches for over 165 miles and closely wraps around Lake Tahoe.  Close by is the capital city of Nevada, Carson City.

That’s not even the only hiking trail in the area, and there’s even debate about whether or not it’s the best.  The Lake Tahoe region in both California and Nevada sports an amazing natural ecosystem and there are hundreds of miles of famous hiking trails that take advantage of this.  Aside from the Tahoe Rim Trail, the Granite Chief Wilderness lays directly to the west and is worth the visit.  The Eagle Lake Trailhead gets a lot of attention, while the Flume Trail was named as one of the 10 best trails for mountain bikers in the United States by “Biking Magazine.”

There are open fishing seasons during the spring, summer, and fall.  A little bit of research ahead of time or direct contact with a Lake Tahoe, NV fishing charter to get more firsthand information on when the best times are.  This is especially true if there is one really specific type of fish that you are most interested in fishing for.  Even among trout like rainbow trout, brown trout, and lake trout there might be different seasons when one is better than the other.  They’re all available during all the seasons, but you might find the rainbow trout hitting best at the end of May while July is the best time to find trophy lake trout.

There’s a lot to do even when you’re not on the water chasing that trophy sized trout or kokanee salmon.  Casinos can be found on both the north and south side of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  They have shows, table games, and slots and many have hotels attached to bring convenience and lodging all in one place.  Gambling in the North Shore in Crystal Bay and Incline Village are the options, while on the South Shore.

Gambling North Shore in Crystal Bay and Incline Village draws visitors to the north side of Lake Tahoe while the southern area offers plenty, as well.  Washoe Lake is relatively close by and offers many of the same fish as Lake Tahoe, although obviously on a much smaller level.  The Lake Tahoe State Park connects with the Washoe Lake State Park and further emphasizes the amazing alpine scenery that attracts tourists all seasons of the year.

Finding an experienced Lake Tahoe, NV fishing guide isn’t a difficult problem, but not every fishing guide is going to specialize in the same type of local fishing.  Fly fishing for trout in local streams might be the specialty of one or to charters while another might emphasize fishing specifically in local trout holes in their region of Lake Tahoe.

Anglers who don’t feel like going to Carson City during the day or exploring other local water ways like Washoe Lake, Marlette Lake, or Crystal Bay will be able to find plenty of fishing action in Lake Tahoe.  Kokanee Salmon aren’t nearly as large as their Pacific cousins, with most fish small in the two or three pound range but they put up an impressive fight pound per pound.  Other species like the local trout can get much larger.

Rainbow trout from Lake Tahoe have been known to get as large as 30 inches and weigh as much as 15 lbs.  Brown trout can get even bigger.  A good sized brown trout can get as large as 20 lbs and up to three feet long.  This is a heck of a trophy sized trout, and an experienced Lake Tahoe, NV fishing charter guide will be able to take you to the best holes for finding the trophy sized trout.  Lake trout can reach the largest sizes of them all, sometimes growing in Lake Tahoe to as large as four feet long and over forty pounds.

If you check all the local marinas and ask locals for advice, you’re sure to find a good match.  There are many different guides and charters available, and trout fishing in Lake Tahoe can be an extremely rewarding experience.  With plenty to do any season, any time of day or night, it’s not hard to see why the Lake Tahoe area is so popular.  Anglers will have plenty of challenge hooking elusive trout and fighting the big trophy sized fish that you can find there.