Deep Sea Fishing Charters New South Wales Australia

New South Wales Australia enjoys a reputation as a fine tourist and fishing destination. Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, is located in New South Wales and is especially famous for its paid charters, marinas, and high quality deep sea fishing. Read on to learn about the many fish in the area from sailfish to Mahi Mahi, the best times of year to fish for them, and what you can expect from local charters.

Deep sea fishing is a major draw for tourists to New South Wales Australia, and it's not hard to see why.  When you have sailfish, Mahi Mahi, tuna, grouper, snapper, and various sharks to choose from, you have a literal living buffet of big saltwater game fish just waiting for the adventurous angler. New South Wales Australia fishing is a major tourist draw and enjoys a healthy reputation as a great saltwater spot that offers traveling anglers and locals alike a large number of well trained and exceptional charter captains who know the waters and know how to find those big trophy sized fish.

The overall charter experience can vary greatly from one city to another, as New South Wales is a large territory that is home to a number of popular cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Portland, and Port Macquarie.

A Melbourne Australia charter could be a very different experience from Sydney Australian charter which would be located further up the coast and facing the Tasman Sea, so named because the strip of water off of Melbourne is all that separates the larger continent from the Island of Tasmania.

When looking at the various New South Wales marinas, it's important to know that many experts split the coast up into several different sections, with Sydney and the areas directly around Sydney getting the most attention because of the flourishing charter business and abundant marinas found in that harbor city.

In fact, depending on where you're looking at fishing in New South Wales Australia, your most common choices are: the North Coast from Port Stephens to Tweed Heads, the South Coast which spans from Newcastle to Eden, and then the three sections of Sydney: Sydney northern marina region, Sydney southern marina region, and Sydney main marina region.

If you're staying on the North Coast you'll have dozens of marinas to choose from but some of the most popular or most famous are Coffs Harbour International Marina, Anchorage Marina Port Stephens located in Corlette Australia, Nelson Bay's d'Albora Marinas, Yamba Marina, or Soldier's Point. All these locations are known for high quality marinas and having some of the best charters in the entire region.

The extreme South Coast of New South Wales Australia boasts just over a dozen marinas, with two major ones of note. Marks Point Marina at the similarly named Marks Point is one of the two worth seeing, while Marmong Point Marina at Lake Macquaire is the other major marina of note in this region of NSW Australia.

The biggest area of action is all around the city of Sydney. The northern Sydney marinas boast of several locally famous marinas, and also several very ritzy dock areas. Depending on what area you're visiting, it's not unusual to find yacht marinas in this area such as Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport. There are many sailing clubs and marinas in this area, which makes it all the more important to do your research and homework before just heading down to the marinas looking for a charter, or else you might find yourself on a sailing marina or yacht club as opposed to a public marina.v

The main section of Sydney offers dozens of more options for visitors who are looking for the best marina to hire a professional deep sea fishing charter. Several areas are known for having multiple marinas to look at, including Mosman Australia with at least five full sized marinas, many of which offer professional charter services. Rozelle and Point Piper are also known for providing multiple options for anglers who like having choices when it comes to deep sea charters.

The southern section of Sydney boasts of just under twenty options when it comes to visiting the marina, and three marinas in this section are registered as Marina Industries Association of Australia members including Como Marina, Cronulla Marina, and the St George Motor Boat Club.

One of the reasons New South Wales Australia deep sea fishing is so popular is because of the massive abundance of fish as well as the generous daily limits. Anglers can keep up to 10 Mahi Mahi per day, two grouper, one sailfish, five sharks, 7 tuna, and 10 snapper. This variety is appealing to salt water anglers who love fishing the sea but aren't necessarily tied to one charter.  The charters in this province can vary greatly from the general to specific charters who specialize just in sharks or just in sailfish. This region is particularly famous for its sailfish and Mahi Mahi, although bottom fishing fans will have no problems finding large groups of grouper and snapper in these waters.

You'll want to find a local charter captain who knows the area well, as even each small marina and coastal town will have their own landmarks and special fishing holes. You might take a look at the Oxwich Chapel Rocks, Newton Point, or even a shipwreck, coral reef, or deep hole that only a few charter captains know about.  This is where having the knowledge and experience of a local who has been around for years makes all the difference.

One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is the best month to arrive for deep water fishing. This decision will matter a lot depending on what fish you're most interested in catching. February is a peak marlin month and also a good time for sailfish, although you'll have to keep a careful eye out on the weather. Mahi Mahi are also known for biting throughout this whole time, as well. March is okay, although with calmer weather comes less chances to nail a marlin or sailfish while out on the water. April is a great overall month for most species, but not for the marlin and sailfish, while in May there's better fishing in the shallows and off shore.

June is very good snapper time, but keep in mind this is the winter season in New South Wales Australia. July and August are also exceptional times for mackerel, but the sailfish and Mahi Mahi fishing is pretty much non-existent during this time. The September through November months are good for lesser popular fish like kingfish, bream, and jewfish.

December is a tricky month as the currents and weather determine what's biting and what's not. This is the time sailfish and marlin fishing begins to pick up again although weather can be a bit spotty.

Many options exist when it comes to the New South Wales Australia deep sea fishing charters, and you will often find that these charters can be rented for the long 10 or 12 hour full day trips, or in shorter sections running 8, 6, or sometimes even 4 hours if you're going for fish that can usually be found close to the coast. The prices can vary greatly, from $1100 to $1800 for a day, but that's usually split among anywhere from 4 to 6 people and often includes issues like fishing licenses, providing all the deep sea fishing equipment you need, cleaning and packaging the meat, and anything else necessary.

As with any area, there are extremely good and well respected charters down at the marinas, and there are also more average or even lower quality charter services. A little research down by the docks and through asking locals can go a long way to making sure you get the best deep sea charters available in New South Wales Australia.