Deep Sea Fishing Charters St. Petersburg Beach, FL

St. Petersburg Beach is a popular location with locals and tourists alike, and aside from your normal beach activities also offers excellent fishing opportunities. St. Petersburg guided fishing charters vary in focus and can take you to the best spots in Tampa Bay or the nearby Gulf of Mexico.

St. Petersburg Beach, FL fishing charters offer visitors the opportunity to get in some quality fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Some charters also specialize in the most popular and successful fishing holes in the nearby Tampa Bay. There are many different species of popular saltwater sports fish in the area and anglers will have to choose between mahi-mahi, cobia, grouper, snapper, snuck, redfish, spotted sea trout, tarpon, and sharks among others. In the right fishing season you may even have a chance at a trophy size tuna, wahoo, or sailfish. These species tend to do a little bit better in cooler Gulf waters, so they may not be hitting in full force at the same time many of the other saltwater Gulf of Mexico sports fish are.  An experienced and skilled St. Petersburg Beach, FL fishing guide will be able to give you all the information you need on that topic.

St. Petersburg Beach is often considered the crown jewel of Pinellas County. When people in Tampa talk about going to the beach, in all likelihood they are actually talking about St. Petersburg Beach which is the one bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

The beach area is interesting as long stretches have their own unique identity and specific neighborhood names.

For example, you have Tierra Verde to the south, Treasure Island and Maderia Beach a little further north, and Redington Shores and Indian Rocks Beach to the north. Technically, all of these are part of the same one long beach that makes up the St. Petersburg Beach but they all also go by the local beach name or local neighborhood name.  This list doesn’t even begin to cover all of the smaller name sections of beach as we haven’t even mentioned McPherson Bayou, Clearwater Beach, or Sunset Beach.

When you’re looking for the right St. Petersburg Beach, FL fishing charter for you, it’s important to have an idea of what type of salt water sports fish you want to pursue.  The style of fishing required for the various saltwater species can vary greatly. The way you go after a giant tuna or giant sailfish is completely different than when you are jigging for bottom feeders around a natural or artificial reef. Some charter captains will indeed be an experienced “Jack of All Trades” type of angler, but there are many others who have one or two specific type of saltwater fish that they specialize in. If you know for sure that you want to go shark fishing or that you’re looking for some tasty mahi-mahi and snapper, make sure to be very straightforward about that as you call the various charters available. Not everyone will be the perfect fit for your specific needs.

One thing you will not have any problem with is finding a marina off of the St. Petersburg, Florida beaches.  Marinas and docks are located everywhere and cater to locals and tourist alike or not only looking for professional fishing charters but were also interested in snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, sunset cruises, or other water sports.  John’s Pass Marina is a very popular spot, and is named after the very popular John’s Pass which is known for having excellent seafood restaurants with plenty of seats overlooking the water. Some of the best shopping in the St. Petersburg Beach area can also be found here.

The Tierra Verde Marina is also a popular place to look for both water sports and fishing charters. Marina Bay of St. Pete Beach is also widely used marina located in the southern region of the St. Petersburg Beach. There are many shops along the water here and is not hard to get some qualified local advice on who the best charters are based on your budget and what specifically you are looking for.

If you look up and down the St. Petersburg Beach you’ll find literally dozens of marinas and docks where you can find a professional fishing guide, water sports rental, or in a worst-case scenario you still get plain good old fashion advice.  The Pass-A-Grille is one of the better known marinas in the area and also is used as a landmark for locating a good local snorkeling site.  It’s also popular as a youth destination because of the nearby "Miracle Mile".

If you want to explore further, don’t be surprised if an experienced St. Petersburg Beach, FL fishing guide takes you south past Tampa Bay towards Terra Ceia Bay, Bradenton Beach, or Anna Maria Island.  Depending on the season and the way the fish are moving, these are some great areas to hit.  When fishing the Gulf of Mexico, you can trust your professional guide to know the best place to find delicious mahi-mahi, snapper, cobia, and grouper and he or she will also know the best places to take a chance at a trophy sized tuna, sailfish, or maybe even a large hard fighting nurse shark.

Don't be afraid to ask locals for recommendations. You’ll find a lot of very friendly and knowledgeable people all up and down the St. Petersburg Beach and it makes sense to take advantage of their knowledge to set yourself up the best St. Petersburg Beach, FL fishing charter so you get the most out of your visit. You might think the best fishing is out in the Gulf when the charter captain knows what you’re looking for is more likely found in the actual Tampa Bay.  Having an experienced guide will help you to make the most out of your time on the water.

When you are spending time off of the boat, you should have no problem finding things to do in St. Petersburg Beach. Many visitors in their early to mid-20s will want to check out the locally named “The Miracle Mile,” which is a 1 mile stretch of beach that displays hotel after hotel that all have bars right on the beach. There will be well over a dozen different options to choose from on a bar crawl from one side of “The Miracle Mile” to the other.

Treasure Island is a great central location along the St. Petersburg Beach that put you within easy distance of a wide range of docks and marinas, not to mention being centrally located from just about everything north and south of you. While you can definitely find plenty to do on your own when you are off the water, when you decide to go on the water into Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico to find your favorite saltwater fish, make sure to take along a St. Petersburg Beach, FL fishing charter to help guide you to riches.