Deep Sea Fishing Charters West Palm Beach & Jupiter, FL

The waters off the coast of the Floridian cities of Jupiter and West Palm Beach are home to some of the best deep-sea and sports fishing charters in the world. These charters can take people out on trips into the extremely popular gulf stream where fish flock in massive numbers. From drift fishing charters to kite fishing excursions, every fishermen can find a trip they are sure to love.

Southeast Florida is home to some of the most elite deep sea and sport fishing locations in the world. Charters located in between the cities of Jupiter and West Palm Beach will entice fishermen with the Gulf Stream, which can be found a mere 15 minutes from the coast. While the Gulf Stream originates off the coast of Africa -- where a river of ocean water flows towards South America -- it forks passing through the Caribbean and the West Indies. When the Gulf Stream meets back up, it flows through the Straits of Florida at an incredible pace. Migrating fish jump in the stream as a sort of express pass to their final destination.

Many fish flock to the surrounding waters of the Gulf Stream in South Florida because the stream forces the formation of eddies. These eddies are simply moving waters that loop back on themselves forming whirlpools. Eddies off the coast of Jupiter and West Palm Beach will feature water that is much warmer than the surrounding portions of the Atlantic.

The warm water starts a whole chain of events, which start with plankton being present in large quantities around the edges of eddies. The presence of ample amounts of plankton will then bring bait fish to the area. Unfortunately for bait fish, many eddies feature depths that can reach 4,000 meters, which attract all sorts of large sea creatures.

Eddies can last as long as a year and the cycle truly ends with men on charters reel in these massive creatures. It's not unlikely for fishermen enjoying charters located in Jupiter, Palm Beach County or West Palm Beach, Florida to reel in marlin, tuna, sailfish, wahoo's, king fish, grouper, snappers and even the occasional shark. With a boat ride less than fifteen minutes from the coast, fishermen can get in on some of the most exciting sport fishing action on the planet.

While Jupiter attracts many fishermen looking to attack the Gulf Stream and experience deep sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, many fishermen will stay an extra day to fish off bridges and docks for large numbers of snook fish.  These large mouthed fish with a divided dorsal fin are very similar to the centropomus fish. Snook love swimming the coastal waters along shorelines and bridges, especially in the summer months. These fish do not do well in waters that aren't above 60 degrees F. Most are caught from 5-8 pounds, but one Florida fisherman was able to set a state record with a catch of 44 pounds and 4 ounces.

Jupiter is also home to the Loxahatchee River, where a number of species like tarpon, ladyfish, jacks, redfish, pompano, black drum, bluefish, grouper, sharks and rays are located.  When the seas are too rough to fish, the Loxahatchee River is always available for a day of beautiful views and nets full of different species of fish.

When it comes to the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of Jupiter, the Straits of Florida features plenty of fishing action throughout the year. December to March is the ideal time to hunt for sailfish, but they can be caught on any date of the calendar. Other fish commonly reeled in during sports fishing charters off the Atlantic include sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, bonito and marlin. Reeling in just one of these massive animals is sure to produce a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Most charters will accommodate fishermen based on their specific fishing interest by taking them to precise locations. For example, charters will travel further off the coast for deep-sea fishing of dolphin, grouper and snapper, or stay closer to the coast for sport fishing of barracuda mackerel, kingfish and the extremely popular sailfish.

Off the coasts of West Palm Beach, there are four types of deep sea fishing charters that are most popular. The first type of charter will take guests drift fishing. This type of fishing simply involves a boat that is allowed to drift with the winds to help improve the chances of catching fish in large numbers.  Drift fishing off the coast of West Palm Beach will usually see fishermen haul in snapper, grouper and kingfish, but a sailfish or dolphin is certainly not out of the question.

The next common charter will take their fishermen on excursions for swordfish. These charters are designed for experienced fishermen. Swordfish charters will commonly bring in fish between 90 and 200 pounds. The depths of the water are usually between 1200 to 1700 feet. It takes about a 20 mile boat ride to reach the depths necessary to catch these massive swordfish.

The final two charters will specialize in either trolling or kite fishing. Trolling involves using one or several fishing lines baited with lure and drawing them across the water. They will usually be hung off the side or back of the boat and can gather everything from sailfish to wahoo. The speed at which trolling is done will play a factor in what type of fish you are likely to bring in. Kingfish will often be caught when troll fishing methods are utilized.  Kite fishing will literally involve using a kite with clips attached featuring live bait. The kite will dance along the surface of the water and sailfish will usually jump up and grab it. It's a very effective way to bring in multiple sailfish.