Fishing Guides Duluth, MN

Duluth is located in northern Minnesota at the edge of Lake Superior. This region has a lot to offer dedicated anglers whether you want a quiet time trout fishing in the creek or chasing salmon and walleye on the Great Lakes.

When it comes to Duluth, MN fishing charters it’s all about guided fishing on Lake Superior. There are many other places around Duluth such as Grand Lake, Rice Lake Reservoir, Fish Lake Reservoir, as well as many of the stocked rivers and streams throughout the region.  However many visiting anglers can do all right finding the trout streams or fishing for northern pike in a smaller lake.  If you’re hitting Duluth and looking for some really huge salmon and walleye, it’s time to up the game a notch and find yourself a veteran Duluth, MN fishing charter and it hit the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior.

Duluth enjoys an excellent location right on the St. Louis River as it connects to Lake Superior.  There are dozens of smaller local lakes around the city as well, and the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) stocks multiple lakes and streams with rainbow, brook, and brown trout as well as some muskie in certain areas.  Minnesota is known for its lakes, and the area surrounding Duluth doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

If you’re looking at this region there are several types of fish you can focus on.  Walleye, northern pike, and muskie are among three of the famous and more popular sports fish around this region.  You also have several species of trout, and Lake Superior has its share of salmon, as well.

Most Duluth, MN fishing charters will focus on Lake Superior, and it’s easy to understand why.  The largest walleye are going to come out of Superior, as well as the largest lake trout.  The same goes for salmon, which helps explain the popularity of Superior even with so many great bodies of water like Spring Hole Lake, Hanging Horn Lake, French River, Lester River, or the Island Creek Reservoir around the city.  However there are some fishing charters who also specialize in the St. Louis River and know the best spots among the river currents to take customers to nail those trophy sized fish.

The Waterfront Plaza Marina is probably the largest and most used of the marinas in Duluth, although there are several others which are also home to other charters. Barkers Island Marina and the Lakehead Boat Basin are two more examples of marinas in Duluth or you can hire professional fishing charters or guides.  These professionals will be able to be your best chance of finding and catching a trophy size version of your favorite sports fish in the area.  Whether you’re after the ever elusive trophy sized northern pike and muskie, or if you prefer giant walleye and salmon, there is going to be a fishing guide or charter that is a perfect fit for the type of fishing that you want to do.

One of the nice added bonuses to fishing out of Duluth is getting a chance to see the world-famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge as your charter boat makes its way through the shipping canals or to and from Lake Superior.  Most of the professional fishing charters at the marina offer basic services such as block ice, all required safety gear, filleting and bagging of your fish, and top-notch gear.

However as a general rule you are going to be responsible for buying your own fishing license, trout stamp (if you’re fishing for trout), cooler, sea sickness medicine, and your own warm clothing. This last part is important as even in the summer Lake Superior can be very cold, especially when clouds and rain move in.  Nothing worse than hitting the big fish because of your guide but being too cold and wet to go on.  While this won’t be necessarily true all the time, a good rule of thumb when dealing with a Duluth, MN fishing charter is to expect a hit Lake Superior for walleye, Coho salmon, Chinook salmon, and lake trout.

If you are looking for giant northern pike or muskie, or any other trout aside from lake trout, then chances are you’ll be directed to some local rivers, streams, or lakes as opposed to going out on Lake Superior.  If you are someone who prefers trout fishing, or you’re simply thinking about taking a day or two off from the guides to pursue something a little more relaxing then you’ll definitely want to check out Lester River, Chester Creek, French River, or any other local bodies of water that the locals recommend to you.

If you have family who wants to do more than fish, or at some point you simply need a day off to rest your arms after reeling in all those big ones, the good news is that Duluth, Minnesota has a lot to offer.  If you’re a fan of classic rock or full music then you’ll definitely want to check out Bob Dylan Way. Duluth was actually Bob Dylan’s home city and although he moved at a young age, the city still honors him fondly.  This section of town connects many of their most important cultural buildings and celebrates the artist’s career.

The Enger Park Golf Course is a favorite of visitors, and there are many theaters and symphonies that frequently put on shows throughout town. The Lakewalk is a gentle four mile trail that connects Canal Park to 26th Ave.  This is one of the favorite walking spots of locals and includes a variety of shops and restaurants along the way.  Brighton Beach is another favorite spot of locals during the summer. The Leif Erickson Viking Ship as a 42 foot long vessel is believed to be accurate facsimile of how the real Vikings made their ships during the turn of the millennium. This is quite a sight to see, and pulls its fair share of tourists each year.

There are also a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy all spent time around Duluth. A healthy environment full of woods, lakes, parks, hiking trails encourage people to get out and explore during the summer months. If this sounds like a great way for you to take a day off from fishing just ask your local and experienced captain of the Duluth, MN fishing charter for some advice about what’s worth seeing for some great up to date local intel on the city itself.