Parasailing & Jetskis Islamorada, FL

Are you interested in knowing more about Islamorada but don't know where to start? Read on to learn about everything that Islamorada, FL watersports have to offer visitors and locals alike!

Islamorada, FL watersports offer visitors many different ways to experience the beauty of the Florida Keys first hand.  There are many great points up and down the Keys that just beg to be embraced by fans of various watersports.  Whether you like parasailing 800 feet up in the air and seeing everything from an eagle’s view, or staying down close to the water as you get the adrenaline rush from riding a wave runner, there are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying everything that Islamorada, FL watersports have to offer both locals and visitors alike.

Islamorada is well known by locals as the "Village of Islands," and is a village located along the middle of the string of islands known as the Florida Keys and stretches over five smaller Keys, including:  Lower Matecumbe Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Tea Table Key, Windley Key and Plantation Key.

This popular name for Islamorada hits at the heart of the village’s languid and spread out nature.  Not only is Islamorada popular for its world class saltwater fishing as well as snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

When you’re talking about Islamorada, FL watersports the good news is that you’re not pigeonholed into just one or two sports.

Canoe rentals are a popular way of checking out some of the areas inlets, while saltwater kayaking around the many tiny islands off the coast can lead to some beautiful views, a picnic on an isolated beach, or you can even go with a fishing kayak.

This can even include checking out Snake Creek at Windley Key, which is also located right next to the Chaves dive site off of the shore.  Party boats and sunset cruises are a very popular way to wind down the day after checking out all Islamorada has to offer, and you won’t want to pass up the chance to get some snorkeling or scuba diving in.

When checking out Islamorada, FL watersports you’ll want to know about the three major in town neighborhoods the village is divided into.  The three major neighborhoods you will hear locals refer to are Lower Matecumbe Beach, Matecumbe, and the Plantation Key Colony.  Each has its own distinct set up and personality.

The Plantation Yacht Harbor is one of the better marinas worth checking out, and you’ll hear a lot about the world class fishing and the over 20 high quality dive spots available.  Local professionals and charters will be very helpful in getting you lined up with the perfect match for whatever watersports you’re looking for.

If you want to take some time off from the wave runners, or get a much closer look at the underwater life and coral you glanced from above while parasailing, make sure to check out Davis Ledge, Chaves Dive Site, or the Hen & Chicken Reef.  These are must see places around Islamorada, and the underwater Buddha Statue is not only seen as good luck for divers, but it’s also a favorite hangout place for a local giant sea turtle.  The Hen & Chicken Reef is one of the best known coral formations in the area, and Chaves is popular because it’s a beginner snorkeling shipwreck site very close to Snake Creek and Whale Harbor off of Windley Key.

There’s no arguing that watersports are some of the best ways to experience everything the Florida Keys have to offer first hand.  Islamorada, FL watersports give you a wide variety of options when it comes to experiencing everything that this village has to offer.  If you want to fully experience what the “Village of Islands” has, then Islamorada, FL watersports are the way to go.  Go fishing on a kayak, paddle around to offshore islands, then hype up the adrenaline on a wave runner before enjoying some parasailing or a sunset cruise at night.

Parasailing is one of the best and most popular ways to really get a good look at Islamorada and any of the surrounding Keys.  The view from high above can’t be beat, whether it’s at 500 feet high, 800 feet high, or even a stunning 1,000 feet up.  In many areas around Islamorada the ocean water from the Cotton Key Basin and Florida Bay in the north to the southern points like Treasure Bay or Matecumbe Bight is so clear that you can see giant sting rays, schools of sharks or fish even from the sky.

Wave runner rentals are easy to track down as well, and you’ll have a hard time not finding places that that rent out kayaks for the half day or full day.  There’s a lot to see and do around Islamorada, Florida, and this Monroe County destination is one that has long been popular with famous authors like Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey.  Jet skis will be some of the most expensive rentals when it comes to watersports as even the first half hour will cost you, but if you have the money and want an adrenaline rush it’s hard to argue with that Islamorada, FL watersports option.

No matter what time of year it is there is plenty to do in the Florida Keys and Islamorada, FL watersports can stand up to what every other Key has to offer.  The Florida Keys are a beautiful destination, and whether you like hitting high speeds on your rented jet ski or getting the best unobstructed view available from 800 feet in the air, you will be able to find something that fits your specific tastes and needs.  With so many Lesser Key Islands around you will never run out of places to explore or adventures to find.  There's little argument that when it comes to watersports the Village of Islands has plenty to offer.