Parasailing & Jetskis Miami, FL

Miami Florida is known for many things, but many tourists don't think about the wonderful watersports opportunities there. Read on to learn about the many exciting activities that Miami has to offer the outdoor enthusiast.

When it comes to enjoying the fabulous beaches and beautiful sunlight of Florida, you will be hard pressed to do better than to enjoy everything that Miami, FL watersports have to offer. Whether you’re a big-time fan of speed and motion while riding a jet ski, or if you like to take it easy and gently kayak around beaches or less populous inlets, Miami has something just for you. Aside from the fact that Miami is probably the most famous city in all of Florida, the city is home to many must visit sites as well as some of the best beaches in all of the United States. This all adds up to the type of “something for everyone” family vacation flavor that also creates the perfect backdrop for Miami, FL watersports.

South Beach might be the most famous of Miami’s beaches, but there’s no shame in enjoying the Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Shores, or Miami Beach, among others. All of these beaches are known for being trendy, having a healthy party scene, and for attracting millions of tourists from around the world.

Even out of all these beaches, South Beach is often considered the most trendy, and was considered that way well before LeBron James decided to take his talents there.

While all of these beaches are going to offer water sports, is very important to take your time and to find the best marinas and docks from which to start.

The the good news is that you will not be short on options. The Miami city government officially recognizes hundreds of marinas and docks up and down the coast as well as four municipal marinas with over 1200 separate berths on the coast stretching from North Miami and North Miami Beach, and stretching all the way down to Coral Gables or even Key Biscayne.

While this might mean a few moments of feeling overwhelmed, you should look at the bright side and know that this also means you have many different Miami, FL watersports charters to choose from and a high level of competition means you should get good prices on whatever equipment you do decide to rent.  If you’re looking for a municipal marina then you need to find Miamarina at Bayside, Dinner Key Marina, Dinner Key Mooring Facility, or Marine Stadium Marina.  These are the municipal spots.

Depending on what part of the city you are in, other marinas worth checking out are the Pelican Harbor Marina in the north near North Bay Village, the Grove Key Marina just north of Coral Cables, Rickenbacker Marina just before you reach the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, or even the Indian Creek Marina on Miami Beach.  All of these spots have plenty to offer, but don’t let that keep you from checking out one of the many excellent smaller marinas and their Miami, FL watersports offerings.

As with many other areas, jet ski rentals tend to be the most expensive since they charge twice in the first hour (once for the half-hour mark, and then once for the 60 min. mark).  In in addition to these charges you also get charged per hour after the first hour, and you can also count on paying some gas fees or taxes.  Parasailing can often be the second most expensive water sport in Miami, however few other activities will come close to giving you the beautiful views and memories that a great parasailing run can provide.  These parasailing boats often have you take off from the boat, and runs are most commonly 15, 20, or 30 min. long. The height you go varies from one provider to another but starting at 400 feet and going as high as 800 is pretty standard.  If it's late in the evening you still might have time to find some fun on a party boat or Miami sunset cruise.

Biscayne Bay and Fisher Island are two very popular spots that watersports aficionados should make sure to go out of their way to visit while in and around Miami. Aside from renting a wave runner or parasailing, kayak rental is another very popular water sport that can be enjoyed and allows visitors to explore waterways often each such as Biscayne Point, the Wynwood Edgewater, or islands like Palm Island, Dodge Island, Fisher Island, or the Venetian Islands.  Going with the kayak also allows you to calm her and more steady pace that is more fitting to some people’s styles.  In addition to that, you could also rent a fishing kayak and take your shot at some of the shallows while exploring the area.

If you choose to visit Biscayne Bay, you will also want to take the time to visit Key Biscayne.  Here you have a chance to visit Crandon Park, which also includes Crandon Park Golf Course – something you can’t say about many city or state parks.  On the south end of the island you also have the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.  If you have a day or two where you really want to escape the hustle bustle of the city, this is the area to visit without getting too far away from Miami.

Miami FL, watersports wouldn’t be complete without mentioning kite boarding.  Kite boarding is a general term that can refer to a variety of similar watersports, and in Miami you can enjoy them all.  This often refers to kite surfing, which the winds around Miami make possible and enjoyable.  Whether you’re on Miami Beach, South Beach, or one of the many other popular beach spots throughout the city, you will be able to find kiteboarders really enjoying the day, the beach, and the water.  Not every beach is a good spot for this type of watersport, so if it looks fun to you, jump right in!

There's plenty throughout south Florida to see if you have a day or two you want to check out the rest of the state.  The Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve attracts visitors from all around the world, and it’s a straight shot west from Miami after crossing the Everglades and the Big Cypress National Preserve.  These major state and federal parks are one of a kind, and definitely worth the experience of visiting.  Lake Okeechobee to the north of Miami has some of the best freshwater fishing in all of Florida.

When it comes to enjoying Miami, FL watersports, there are many different options to choose from.  Whether it’s sailing 800 feet above watching the famous Miami Beach below, experiencing the ocean waters first hand on a wave runner, or trying out kiteboarding for the first time, Miami is a great place to enjoy all that watersports can provide.