Parasailing & Jetskis West Palm Beach & Jupiter, FL

When it comes to West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL watersports it might surprise you to learn of all the options available. Read on to learn more about some of the best ways to spend your outdoor time at these locations.

The West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL watersports provide a wide variety of ways for visitors to enjoy this beautiful section of coast along eastern Florida.  North of the hustle and bustle of Miami and west of Lake Okeechobee, the stretch of shore from West Palm Beach to the town of Jupiter might not be as visited as other parts of the state but it still has a ton to offer the outdoor enthusiast.

Ranging from the easy going practice of renting canoes and kayaks to check out local sites to high adrenaline watersports like parasailing and wave runner rental.  Depending on the section of beach, you might even have the wind for some kite boarding.  End the day with a relaxing party boat or sunset cruise.  West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL watersports can stand up to anything any other part of the state has to offer.

Fishing charters aren’t the only ones who enjoy the unusually warm water off the coast due to the Gulf Stream and resulting eddies.  Warmer Atlantic waters also make for a more enjoyable beach experience for longer portions of the year since the water doesn’t get as cold in winter months.

If you're visiting for the first time one of the favorite spots to visit is to rent a kayak or canoe and take a look at Jupiter Island or the Jupiter Inlet ColonyHobe Sound is another area in this area definitely worth checking out, and just a little further inland the Jonathan Dickson State Park is just on the other side of the SE Federal Highway, aka Highway 1.

North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, and West Palm Beach are some of the most famous beaches along this stretch and you won’t have any problem finding wave runner rentals at any of the marinas found at these locations.  Juno Beach and Juno Ridge aren’t quite as well known but they also have plenty to offer watersport tourists who are willing to go a little off the beaten path to find the best an area has to offer.

Rentals will almost always charge for the first half hour, and again for the full hour.  After that most providers will charge on a per hour rate, although you might occasionally be able to get a deal by batching several hours rental together.  Watch out for gasoline taxes or other additional charges that can add to the final price tag.

If you're going to be spending a lot of time in these beach locations, you also will want to check out the parasailing and kite boarding opportunities at North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, and West Palm Beach.  When it comes to West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida watersports these are some of the best locations for enjoying the wide variety of different options that visitors and locals have on Florida’s sunny beaches in this area.

Other popular sites for watersports enthusiasts include Poinciana Park, Singer Island, and Flamingo Parks.  These offer plenty of variety along with the most popular area beaches to give the full range of experiences visitors can expect from this area.  Plenty of beautiful Florida scenery combines with protected parks, beaches, and wetlands to make this area a true diamond in the rough for watersports enthusiasts who want everything that Florida has to offer but don’t want to necessarily deal with the crowds that you’re sure to get around places like Miami or South Beach.

When you’re looking at the various watersports the area offers, don’t make the mistake of looking just offshore.  For example, the Loxahatchee River runs right through the city of Jupiter, Florida, and is famous not only for being a great place to catch popular shallow water saltwater game fish but also gives kayakers and canoe renters another way to explore what the local cities have to offer away from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

The Palm Beach International Airport serves the area and makes it easy to fly right into the West Palm Beach area, or Miami is less than a couple hours to the south.  There are several major highways through the area as well as a public transportation bus system.

The sunset cruises and party boats are very late afternoon to evening affairs and offer some major relaxation after a busy day on the water.  Florida’s sunsets are famous for good reason, and a few delicious alcoholic beverages on a relaxing cruise at the end of the day is a great way to cap off a busy vacation day spent on the beach and on the water.  Prices for West Palm Beach sunset cruises or Jupiter, FL party boats are going to vary based on location, season, and provider.  If you get lucky to stumble on a provider one day where the cruises aren’t filling up quickly, you might even be able to cut a little bit of a deal.

Whether you’re interested in the hustle and bustle of places like North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, or the actual sands of West Palm Beach or if you like a quieter trip checking out the Loxahatchee River, John D. MacArthur Beach Park, and other quieter getaways there is something among the West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL watersports that should speak right to you.  Whether it's adrenaline and speed, unforgettable sights becoming unforgettable memories, or the relaxing joys of fishing from a kayak or watching the sun go down, there's something here for you.

Remember that there are many different charters to choose from in the West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida, area to choose from so if you don't like the first place you find, keep looking for that perfect deal!