Deep Sea Fishing Charters Miami, FL

Miami may be known for its extravagant nightlife and cabana-lined beaches, but it's also known for its incredible sport fishing. Learn what kind of fish frequent the turquoise waters, as well as the best time and place to catch them.

Miami is like the New York City of the south. There's no shortage of things to do.  Known for its extravagant nightlife and cabana-lined beaches, Miami is a warm-weathered playground.  While the city certainly attracts club hoppers and sun bathers, it also attracts sport fishermen from around the world.  The {count} charter boat captains in the area give these folks an experience of a lifetime.

Just off the coast, beneath the turquoise waters, resides a stockpile of prize-winning fish.  Whether you’re a local, on a family vacation, or a weekend trip with the boys, there are dozens of Miami fishing charters that will take you out for an action-packed fishing adventure.  From the novice to the tournament veteran, a fun-filled challenge awaits. And with the vast amounts of sea life surrounding the Miami area, it's a challenge that's bound to have fulfilling rewards.

Types of Fish

Whether you want to put Miami Beach in your review as you venture out into the Atlantic or you'd rather prowl Biscayne Bay, you'll found a number of worthy contenders nibbling at your line.  Here are a few popular species that you might be reeling in into your boat while fishing in Miami.

Atlantic Sailfish:

As Florida's state fish, you can expect to see quite a few sailfish darting around your boat from the surface to depths of 200 m.  It's estimated that sailfish can reach up to 55 kilometers per hour in short sprints.  The sailfish is a metallic blue fish with a large sail-like dorsal fin and a long, pointed bill.

Atlantic Blue Marlin:

The marlin, also a Florida trademark fish, is actually related to the sailfish.  It spends most of its life in the open sea, far away from land. The biggest females are more than four times as heavy as the biggest males.  The marlin has a blue-black body on top and a silvery white underside.  It has two dorsal fins, the first of which has 39 to 43 rays and the second has 6 to 7 rays.


Commonly known as mahi mahi, the dolphin is one of the most exhilarating offshore game fish to catch.  This colorful, surface-dwelling fish consists of golden sides with bright blues and greens on the sides and backs.  Males have prominent foreheads protruding well above the body while females have rounded foreheads.


These large-mouthed, heavy-bodied fish tend to remain in isolated areas.  Grouper can reach up to 100 pounds but most of those caught on Miami fishing charters are around 10 to 40 pounds. The most common species of grouper found in Miami are Gag, Goliath, and Black groupers.


Tuna fishing charters in Miami offer an exciting experience thanks to their prize-fighting ability.  Giant bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and blackfin tuna are all extremely popular catches in the area.  Tuna fishing techniques include trolling, live baiting, jigging, and chunk baiting.


Known as one of the fastest, meanest, and biggest fish in Miami, the wahoo presents an action-packed challenge for fishermen looking for a trophy. The best way to catch one of these speed demons is to fish around wrecks and reefs.

Best Times to Fish

Atlantic Sailfish:

You're able to catch sailfish throughout the year, but the best time is during the winter months.  People looking to fish for Atlantic sailfish exclusively flock to Miami from November to May.

Atlantic Blue Marlin: Similar to the sailfish, Marlin can be caught throughout the year. However, unlike the sailfish, the prime time for marlin fishing is during the summer months.

Dolphin: Dolphin can also be caught year round; however the best times are during the late spring, summer, and fall months.

Grouper: The ideal time for catching grouper is during the winter months.

Tuna: Typical tuna fishing season in Miami is from April to July.

Wahoo: The feisty wahoo can be caught during May and then from October through December.

Best Places to Fish

With the Gulf Steam hugging the Florida coast right near Miami, virtually all of the surrounding waters offer premier sport fishing.  Most charters either stick to the Biscayne Bay or just of the coast of Miami Beach in the Atlantic.  Your destination primarily will depend on your fishing guide, your fishing experience, and what you hope to catch.

As stated above, some fish, like grouper, tend to frequent reefs and wrecks.  Two popular choices here are the Biscayne Wreck and the Neptune Memorial Reef.  Both are located approximately 5 miles off the coast of the Biscayne Key.  But, again, after talking to your fishing charter guide, you'll be able to find a fishing spot that caters to all of your needs.