Medicare Open Enrollment

Dealing with Medicare on your own is no walk in the park. This is especially true given the fact that Medicare regulations prohibit the display of specific plans online.  With that in mind, we encourage you to call ASA Insurance at (877) 473-6031 and let us do the work for you.  It’s simple, just give the agent your ASA membership number and answer a few brief questions and our experienced representatives will help you find a members only plan that works for you.  If you want to avoid any wait time on hold, submit your name and phone number here and we'll call you back.

You are under no obligation to purchase a plan or pay any fees nor will anyone pressure you to do so. We encourage you to call and see what American Seniors can do for you.

What is the Medicare Donut Hole?

After your Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D) has contributed a certain amount of money to covered drugs, you reach the donut hole.  During the donut hole, you are responsible for all the costs of your medications until you have paid nearly $5,000 out of pocket.  Once you have spent up to that yearly limit, your coverage gap ends and your plan kicks in again.  Our licensed agents can help you better manage this coverage gap.  Nearly 50% of enrollees who switched plans paid at least 5% less in premium costs the following year, compared to only 8% of those who didn't switch plans.

Download Medicare Booklet

Medicare Part A

If you are eligible for Medicare, you are already enrolled with no premium.  Otherwise, individuals can apply when they are Medicare eligible or they can pay a premium if they have worked less than 10 years (40 quarters) in their lifetime.

Medicare Part B

Part B deals with Outpatient or Physician Insurance. To receive Medicare Part B, an individual must enroll at their Social Security office during a specific period and pay a premium that is determined by their annual income. If someone doesn't enroll during that period, they will have to pay a penalty when they do ultimately enroll. More information

Medicare Part C

Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans such as an HMO or PPO is another option for Medicare coverage. If you join a plan, you still have Medicare. You'll get Part A and Part B from your Medicare Advantage Plan NOT original Medicare.  These plans are offered by private companies approved by Medicare.  More information

Medicare Part D

Part D deals with Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.  Anyone having Part A and/or Part B and lives in a plan's service area is eligible to join the plan.  It is important to note, Part D is an additional out-of-pocket premium on top of what you already pay for your Part B premium.  Also, beneficiaries who do not enroll in a Part D plan when they are first eligible may have to pay a late enrollment penalty to enroll at a later date.

Be aware, your pharmacy may not be in the network. You will pay higher prices if prescriptions aren't filled at preferred pharmacies. It's very important to make sure your pharmacy is designated as a preferred retail cost sharing pharmacy.  And remember, as an ASA member your membership card also has a prescription discount component, be sure to give this to the pharmacist every time you get a prescription filled just to see if you can get better savings