American Seniors Media Kit

Benefit Provider Listing Specifications

Our live benefits display can be found here: View Benefit Display

In the main listing section, ASA will need a transparent png image file that is 371 pixels wide and 317 pixels in height.  If your image has a complete background color, it does not need to have a transparent background and can be a gif or jpg.  If you do not have these exact dimensions but your image can be scaled down to this size and still look sharp and not distorted, we can handle the resizing.  A text block of 1 to 2 sentences is also desired.  Please check out our benefits link above to give you an idea of how much text space is available.

If your benefit is to be shown on our home page, we'll need an image size of 560 pixels wide and 311 pixels in height.  The same background and scaling from above applies here as well.

If we are linking to your web site, please provide the url.  If we are to host the content, email us the textual and image content and we'll take care of the rest.

Any additional text or images you might want to use when we announce you in social media or in email notifications to our members will also need to be provided. Keep in mind, many of members view their email and social media apps on a phone. So, make sure the graphics you provide will look nice in those environments.