American Seniors Mission & Five Foundations

Our Mission

The American Seniors Association is the new voice of America's seniors and is committed to making sure our members have the choices, information, and services they need to live healthier, wealthier lives. We, like you, believe it is our birthright to enjoy the rights and freedoms endowed upon us by our forefathers and embodied in our Constitution.

The 5 Foundations

America's seniors have earned respect, admiration and support for the contributions they made throughout their lives building families and enhancing the quality of American life. Our national values should include respect and appreciation for American Seniors.

  • America's seniors should always be free to live a vibrant, active life filled with choices in employment, retirement, health care, lifestyles and housing. Their freedom and independence should always be paramount.
  • America's seniors should always feel safe for their persons and their personal property. Our laws and community standards should always seek to protect them and provide for their safety.
  • America's seniors should have access to education, information and products that provide them with the ability to live freely and with confidence.
  • America's seniors should always be free to pursue a full, healthy, wealthy life.

American Seniors believes that Social Security is becoming anything but secure. As America's looming retirement security crisis builds, and our aging populations grows, many Washington politicians are becoming more reckless with Social Security dollars. American Seniors believes that the time to act is now!

  • The foundations of Social Security must be protected, and its funding structure must be adequate and certain.
  • America's workers and rising seniors must be given the ability to build retirement security through incentivized, voluntary, self-funded retirement accounts that provide Americans with choices, flexibility and security.
  • Congress must simplify retirement savings plans and related taxes. Americans need access to automatic enrollment, self-directed IRAs and employer-sponsored IRAs. We must make sure that all Americans have the ability to make retirement security and savings a life-long process.
  • The nation's immigration policies must protect American seniors that have worked and contributed to Social Security throughout their lives. Individuals in the United States illegally should not be granted benefits from Social Security.

American Seniors believes that Medicare mismanagement is wasting critical health care dollars that should be spent on improving the health care opportunities for America's seniors.

  • The President and Congress need to reform Medicare in order to protect the health and security of America's seniors.
  • American Seniors supports Medicare reforms that give America's seniors the ability to make health care choices, selecting from plans offering benefits and options that best fit their individual needs.
  • American Seniors believes that Washington politicians and bureaucrats should be blocked from raiding Medicare funds to finance reckless spending experiments.

American Seniors believes that America's income tax system is a mess and is a significant contributor to insecurity for America's seniors. Washington needs to make a top-to-bottom reform of the tax code a top priority.

  • America's tax code is one mountain of a mess. In fact, it is more than 72,500 pages of a mess. This one fact alone is proof of its instability and unfairness.
  • An unstable tax code produces an unstable revenue and collection process. An abusive tax code inhibits the economic development that creates jobs and opportunities for all workers, young and old alike. All of these factors contribute to insufficient or unstable funding for Social Security and Medicare.
  • Retirement funding plans and the related tax code must be simplified. It shouldn't be a guessing game that forces retirement planning into disjointed tax options with varied limits. Everyone should be able to make life-long retirement plans with few contribution limits and low taxes on retirement savings.

When our government is consistently spending more than it receives in taxes, and debt service becomes the nation's largest budget item, there is no security for American seniors, for workers or for anyone who ever hopes to retire.

  • This is not a partisan issue - it is an American issue. Government overspending is destabilizing our economy, our finances and our workforce. It is impossible for anyone to plan for a retirement while government overspending wrecks financial markets, ignites inflation and restricts the flow of capital.
  • Each day the news is the same - government agencies treat our tax dollars like toy money. So much government overspending is wasteful and silly. The wasting of our tax dollars must stop. American Seniors will relentlessly demand that the government stop ridiculous and wasteful spending.