Benefit Provider Proposal

If you would like your product or service made available to our members, please complete the form below.  If we can determine, via the information you submit below, that your product or service is a good fit for our members, we will contact you.  If your company offers more than one product type, please submit separate forms.  We need you to send us targeted details and a targeted message for each product in order to be considered.  Combined product entries will be disapproved. 

Please submit a 3-5 sentence product summary.  We intend use this paragraph "as-is" in our product comparison pages.  It can be changed before going live but we really want your best presentation during this initial proposal process.  It will help us easily identify where your product fits and how well it competes with similar products.  So, give us a short yet powerful message.

Please submit a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 bullet points that highlight key benefits of your product/service.  We use this information in our product comparison user interface.  A maximum of 30 characters is allowed for each.

Proposal details are not visible to the public.  Please include the basic contract details/highlights such as revenue shares, how our members would use your product/service, and if necessary, how they would register for it.  There is no need to include legal jargon or get deep into the legal weeds of a contract.  We just want the basics of your proposal for now.

Technical details are not visible to the public.  Please include your technical capabilities to transmit data to and from American Seniors either on the fly or at regular daily/weekly/monthly intervals.  If we send our members to your web site to use your product or to register for it, we include a special member specific referral key.  This enables us to confirm that a member expressed an interest in your product without divulging their personal information.  Ultimately, we'd like data transmitted back to us if they used the product or registered for it.  Products or services that do not generate a reasonable level of proven interest over time, are scheduled for a review which may result in the product/service being removed.