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Do you have questions about a new or existing Medicare policy? Call a licensed ASA agent today at 800-951-0017

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The American Seniors Association takes your healthcare very seriously, that’s why we have a dedicated team of professional licensed insurance agents ready and waiting to answer your questions. Whether it’s Medicare related, dental, vision or any other health issue you need assistance with, we’re here for you. Just call 800-951-0017 and press option 2.

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Members get free access to Last Minute Travel Club ($49.99 value).  Find and book hotels, cheap flights, vacation packages, cruise deals, car rentals and activities with  Search 150,000+ hotels in over 15,000 cities worldwide and find cheap hotel and vacation package deals.

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Members on average save $1,700 for each home bought or sold using our nationwide network of preferred Realtors. Get the peace of mind you deserve and let us help make your dream home come to life.




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ASA can shorten the "lag time" between getting your medicare funds cleared and receiving your prescriptions. We can even eliminate the time span completely by offering more affordable prescriptions when you sign up for our membership.
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If you believe conservatives deserve an alternative to AARP.  If you don't want your money to support liberal causes and liberal candidates like Hillary Clinton.  If you believe in an inherent right to individual liberty and the importance of having choices in your life, then you are an "American Senior"

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We believe that you deserve choices when selecting who best represents your interests in Washington D.C.

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We also believe that you deserve choices when selecting benefits that help you live a healthier, wealthier life.

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Our benefits are structured to allow you to make choices based on your individual needs.

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