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Frequently asked questions

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What types of advocacy does ASA engage in on behalf of Americans 50+?

American Seniors advocacy focuses on the following 5 Foundations.

• Rebuilding national values of respect for the nation's seniors
• Reforming Medicare
• Stopping Censorship
• Controlling government spending
• Reforming Social Security

We will not support any program or policy that doesn't give America's 50+ population the ability to make choices that enhance their lives.

Click Here for more details on ASA's Five Foundations.

How do you differ from AARP?

First, ASA is the “conservative alternative to AARP.” Our objective is to ensure that the conservative ideals that are so important to our members are protected and that our members have a voice in national and local policies and issues. We will not represent Big Pharma or Big Insurance over the needs of seniors. Other organizations just want to “sell you stuff” where ASA is here to provide education, advice and consultation to enable our members to access the benefits and discounts most suited for their needs.

How do you differ from AMAC?

While we share some political philosophies with AMAC, ASA is different from AMAC in two important ways. First, our advocacy, information and content will always be primarily focused on the needs of our members. Second, we have curated a selection of products, benefits and services tailored to improve the lives of our members and to save them money.

Is a donation or contribution to ASA tax deductible?

American Seniors is not a charity under Federal Tax Law, which excludes any donation from being tax deductible.

Do you get a membership card when you join ASA?

Yes. We will mail your membership card and welcome package in just a few days. If you lose your card, you may request a new card via the My Account page on our website. You may add your spouse for free and have a membership card sent, as well via the My Account page.

What is my password for my ASA account?

After enrolling, a confirmation email including your password is sent to the email that you provided. If you lost your password, you could request one by clicking on "Forgot Password" in the "Member's Area" by entering in your email address. An email will be sent to you shortly to confirm your password. You have the option to change your password at any time by logging into the Members Area or “Log In” area of the homepage.

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership will automatically renew each year. You will receive a notification by email that your membership is about the renew. You can cancel at any time. We do not make this hard! If there is an issue you can reach us by email or by calling 1-800-951-0017.

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We appreciate and value our members!

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