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Standing for Values that Shape our Future

American Seniors Association membership costs just $15 annually, so why should you consider joining?

01 Align with an organization that shares your beliefs and values.

From our president and executive director to our board of directors, we all embrace conservative values and principles in how we live and vote. Our core mission is to serve the American senior, ages 50 and older. We believe that our nation must be governed within the framework of the U.S. Constitution and that capitalism is the only economic system that is compatible with political liberty. You can find out more about our mission and five principles here:

02 Stronger together as one voice. We will advocate for you.

By joining our organization, you will add your voice to those of other like-minded conservatives amplifying our message. We will advocate for you not only at our nation’s capital, but at state houses across the US. Now is the time to stand firm against the progressive agenda of AARP and the liberal left and join the fight to sustain the freedoms established by our founding fathers.

03 Receive discounts on products and services.

Our curated benefits, products and services will save you money, protect your family and enhance your life. Your membership includes access to industry leading insurance products as well as other deals and programs including travel, entertainment and wellness. Start saving up to $1,500 on everything from Disney discounts, pizza, to the movies! Your membership also includes a free insurance analysis from leading experts.

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What Our Members Are Saying

“I refer every one I encounter to this organization and am still amazed
that conservatives like me will still buy into the lies AARP sells.
I try to steer everyone to ASA.”
A.Rush –Longview, Texas
“I had been misinformed by various sources representing AARP as a non-partisan organization advocating for the interests of senior citizens. AARP does not represent the interests of seniors in the areas in which it claims to do so; instead, it has a huge conflict of interest because of making enormous profits by selling things like Medicare gap coverage to unsuspecting seniors, while selling them down the river at the same time by supporting things that go against their interests. I am glad to be part of ASA.”
–Name withheld by request

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We appreciate and value our members!

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