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Seniors Affected by Inflation, Rising Medicare Prices

Learn about the challenges and issues facing seniors.

We support the constitution, individual rights and freedoms and the right to free speech. The freedom to choose your health decisions without government interference. The right to bear arms. We believe America’s seniors have a right to live an active and vibrant life filled with choices that allow their retirement years to be their best. We are here to support those values and make sure lawmakers are listening!

Our top five principles we advocate on your behalf.


Rebuild national values respecting america’s seniors

America's seniors should always be free to live a vibrant, active life filled with choices in employment, retirement, health care, lifestyles and housing. Their freedom and independence should always be paramount.


Reform social security

American Seniors believes that Social Security is becoming anything but secure. The foundations of Social Security must be protected, and its funding structure must be adequate and certain.


Reform medicare

American Seniors believes that Medicare mismanagement is wasting critical health care dollars that should be spent on improving the health care opportunities for America's seniors. The President and Congress need to reform Medicare in order to protect the health and security of America's seniors.


Stop Censorship

We must defend our constitution and stand strong against big tech companies and limits on free speech. We must stand in the arena in the public square as conservatives fighting for our first amendment rights.


Control Government Spending

When our government is consistently spending more than it receives in taxes, and debt service becomes the nation's largest budget item, there is no security for American seniors, for workers or for anyone who ever hopes to retire. This is not a partisan issue - it is an American issue.

advocating for you

since 2009

While AARP protects big pharmaceutical and insurance companies, for more than two decades we have stood with our members to protect their interests.

Join with ASA to advocate for what is important to you.

Now more than ever...

It is critical that we join together to protect the fundamentals that made our country great, while protecting our members against policies and politicians that want to erode their quality of life.

Together we can change the path we are currently on and re-establish an environment that honors senior Americans

who have given so much to this country.



“ is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”

Ronald Reagan

“We must stop spending money that we just don't have. Historic debt leads to historic tax increases, which stifle job growth.”

Kristi Noem, R-Gov. S.Dakota

“Liberals measure compassion by how many people are given welfare. Conservatives measure compassion by how many people no longer need it.”

Rush Limbaugh

“The American way of life is being dismantled by a group of bitter, deceitful, vengeful activists.”

Charlie Kirk

Stronger together as one voice

we will advocate for you

By joining our organization, you will add your voice to those of other like-minded conservatives amplifying our message. We will advocate for you not only at our nation’s capital, but at state houses across the US. Now is the time to stand firm against the progressive agenda of AARP and the liberal left and join the fight to sustain the freedoms established by our founding fathers.

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Social Security is not collecting as much in payroll taxes any more and it is having to tap into its trust fund to pay current beneficiaries. Experts predict the trust fund could be depleted in the early 2030s. At that point, Social Security would go back to being a pay-as-you-go system and benefits will likely need to be cut dramatically — possibly more than 20 percent. We believe lawmakers should take action now to address the shortfall in coming years.

We gather data to release to the media, your Congressmen and policymakers. Sign our latest petition.

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