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The Conservative Choice

for Americans 50 and older

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What is the Conservative Choice?

We support the constitution, individual rights and freedoms and the right to free speech. The freedom to choose your health decisions without government interference. The right to bear arms. We believe America’s seniors have a right to live an active and vibrant life filled with choices that allow their retirement years to be their best. We are here to support those values and make sure lawmakers are listening!

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Our top five principles we support on your behalf:

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Rebuild national values respecting america’s seniors

America's seniors should always be free to live a vibrant, active life filled with choices in employment, retirement, health care, lifestyles and housing. Their freedom and independence should always be paramount.


Reform social security

American Seniors believes that Social Security is becoming anything but secure. The foundations of Social Security must be protected, and its funding structure must be adequate and certain.


Reform medicare

American Seniors believes that Medicare mismanagement is wasting critical health care dollars that should be spent on improving the health care opportunities for America's seniors. The President and Congress need to reform Medicare in order to protect the health and security of America's seniors.


Stop Censorship

We must defend our constitution and stand strong against big tech companies and limits on free speech. We must stand in the arena in the public square as conservatives fighting for our first amendment rights.


Control Government Spending

When our government is consistently spending more than it receives in taxes, and debt service becomes the nation's largest budget item, there is no security for American seniors, for workers or for anyone who ever hopes to retire. This is not a partisan issue - it is an American issue.

Our Advocacy Partners

United Seniors for America Texas Legislative Associates

“I refer every one I encounter to this organization and am still amazed that conservatives like me will still buy into the lies AARP sells. I try to steer everyone to ASA.”

A. Rush –Longview, Texas

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Why another group? Well, we’ve actually been around for 13 years!

We were founded in 2009 when AARP publicly supported Obamacare.

Americans wanted another choice, so ASA was founded as a conversative alternative.
At the time, more than 30,000 Americans ripped their AARP membership cards in half and joined ASA. They mailed in their torn AARP cards when joining newly formed ASA.

Over the years, we have stood with the individual American 50 and older over big insurance or big pharmaceutical companies. We have advocated for the freedom and rights of our older American population and even joined with other conservative organizations when advocating for seniors on Capitol Hill.

How Do We Compare?



Advocates for conservatives values


Since it’s inception 12 years ago, ASA has been fighting openly for conservative American values, principles and public policies.


Opposes the death tax.


Supports Medicare reform and Social Security reform that would strengthen private retirement accounts.


Receives no grants or funds the federal government, politicians or interest groups.




Uses its political clout iin pursuit of a hidden liberal political agenda.


Stands with the Left and the insurance industry interests rather than affordable health care.


Supports continuation of the estate tax. AARP’s rationale is a liberal wealth redistribution scheme to “help reduce the concentration of wealth.”


Opposes Social Security reform that included private retirement accounts and opposition to Medicare reform.


Receives an average of $86 million a year in federal government grants.

How we differ
from AARP

We will not represent Big Pharma or Big Insurance over the needs of Americans 50 or older. Our objective is to ensure that the conservative ideals that are so important to our members are protected and that our members have a voice in national and local policies and issues.

Other organizations just want to sell you stuff where ASA is here to provide education, advice and consultation to enable our members to access the benefits and discounts most suited for their needs.

Why not AARP?

We will Advocate

We will advocate

for you

By joining our organization, you will add your voice to those of other like-minded conservatives amplifying our message. We will advocate for you not only at our nation’s capital, but at state houses across the US. Now is the time to stand firm against the progressive agenda of AARP and the liberal left and join the fight to sustain the freedoms established by our founding fathers.

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