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My Best Anti-Aging Remedy Must Haves. Dr. Phillip Oubre gives you his best tips for an anti-aging regimen.

We are all looking for ways to slow down the aging process, aren’t we?  

...Dare I say that some of us are even looking for ways to reverse some of the damage that we’ve done to our bodies over time.  After all, our body keeps the score whether we like it or not.  

Although anyone with a ‘health’ product is willing to sell you anything that you’ll buy, there are some truly incredible anti-aging remedies that I have both validated through biochemistry as well as clinically seen effective in my practice.

It is imperative to know that you cannot “outrun your fork.”  

...Said differently:  “You can’t out-supplement a bad diet.”

No matter how many high quality supplements you take, your nutrition is the foundation of all anti-aging remedies.  It’s like designing the latest and greatest app, but you’re running it on a PC from the ‘80s with dial-up internet.  It simply won’t work.

If you truly want to both feel and look younger, you need to start with an anti-inflammatory diet such as Paleo or Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP).  You can learn more about this on my website or by taking my online nutrition course

Once your nutritional foundation is solid, then you can begin building on that foundation with anti-aging supplements.  Instead of taking the same supplements day after day and overloading your gut with pills, I recommend rotating anti-aging supplements that pair well together.  Take them for a month or two, then pick a different pair.

These pairs are considered additional to the basics that I suggest all of my patients take:  Vitamin D, Fish oil, Probiotic, and Multivitamin.

As always, buy high quality supplements or don’t buy them at all.  Low quality supplements rarely have the active ingredient and frequently have fillers (like gluten) inside of them.  

Don’t try to out-supplement your bad diet.  Fix your nutrition first!

Dr. Phillip Oubre is a functional medicine physician with a background in conventional family medicine, focusing on nutrition, hormone balancing, gut healing, and removing unwanted toxins.  He has a passion for teaching and keeping functional medicine affordable. In addition, he has created online courses for the “Do It Yourself” patients.

*The contents are the opinions of Dr. Oubre and are not reflective of ASA or intended as medical advice or to replace one-on-one advice from your medical professional. This article is intended for sharing advice and knowledge from Dr. Oubre’s many years in practice and from his community.

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