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How To Get Fit At Home

Many of us had to adjust this past year in working from home and in doing so discovered that a home gym was imperative!  With just a few orders on Amazon you can have an “instant gym” in the comfort of your own home.

Consider an addition of a rebounder to your daily regimen. There are many styles and prices on Amazon and some with adjustable handles for indoor and outdoor use. The side benefit of the purchase is that your grandkids will enjoy using it as much as you do!

The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS) commissioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), found that most people spent at least 93 percent of their time indoors or in the car. Global studies show people are sitting at least 7.7 hours each day, on average, and sit as much as 15 hours a day.

While running creates pressure on your joints and knees, if you carry just a few extra pounds, running can put a significant amount of stress on your knees. On the other hand, a rebounder or trampoline offers a platform that absorbs some of the impact on your joints. However, even with less impact it continues to offer you a cardiovascular and core strengthening workout.

Just by doing a “power walk” for 10 minutes a day can offer support for your cardiovascular system.

Lift your knees high and get your heart rate up (feel it beating). Consider adding weights to your hands if you want to add a challenge. When you start to feel secure you can turn your walk into a run, which is a safe way to get your lymphatic system working without adding stress to your joints.

Recent research published in the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP) demonstrates that jumping 20 times a day may have a significant impact on your risk of osteoporosis. After just eight weeks, researchers found a demonstrable change in bone mineral density in their subjects.

Participants either jumped 10 times with 30 second rests in between jumps, twice daily, or they jumped 20 times with 30 second rests, once daily. After eight weeks there was greater improvement in those who jumped 20 times, but after 16 weeks both groups exhibited greater gains over the control group who did not jump.

So, consider adding a rebounder to your home, and of course, check with your medical professional for advice before starting an exercise regimen.

*The contents are not reflective of ASA or intended as medical advice or to replace one-on-one advice from your medical professional. This article is intended for sharing advice and knowledge only.

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