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Two Vitamins For Great Health

Overwhelmed by supplement choices?  Everyone seems to have a vitamin that they are willing to sell you to live longer, be stronger, get skinnier, and have better sex!   It turns out that you are not alone.  I’m a functional medicine physician, and I also get overwhelmed with “decision fatigue” when choosing which supplements to use for my patients.  Luckily, there are a couple vitamins that anyone and everyone should take, and I can explain why.

I see a wide variety of patients from aging health nuts to complex chronic illness patients with debilitating fatigue … and everything in between.  I find that everyone needs both Vitamin D3 and B Complex supplement.  Both are very well tolerated with minimal side effects yet they have profound biochemical needs around the body.

Vitamin D3 is actually mislabeled as a vitamin. It is technically a hormone!  That should help you understand its importance.  I suggest Vitamin D3 50,000 units once per week to all of my patients, and I aim to keep blood levels above 60.  Some patients need more while some need less.  I could discuss the benefits of Vitamin D3 but that research is everywhere.  You already know that you need it!

B vitamins are frequently overlooked as a necessity.  Your body’s biochemistry has numerous reactions that require B Vitamins as a cofactor.  I think of B Vitamins like the key to your car.  You can have a functioning engine and gas in the tank, but the car won’t start without the key!  This is why B12 shots give people energy.  There are multiple B Vitamins, which is why the supplement is called “B Complex.”  Always buy your B Complex with methylfolate instead of regular folate (or folic acid).  I have written blogs about this, so if you want to learn more - head to my website.  The best part of B Vitamins is that they’re nearly impossible to overdose and extremely safe … the scariest part is the vibrant yellow urine that you’ll make.

As with all supplements, always try to buy from high quality manufacturers since most off the shelf supplements do not contain the active ingredient when being analyzed.  I hand pick all of the brands that I offer to my patients and on my online store. Choose wisely and consider adding B vitamins to your daily regiment.

Dr. Phillip Oubre is a functional medicine physician with a background in conventional family medicine, focusing on nutrition, hormone balancing, gut healing, and removing unwanted toxins.  He has a passion for teaching and keeping functional medicine affordable. In addition, he has created online courses for the “Do It Yourself” patients.

*The contents are the opinions of Dr. Oubre and are not reflective of ASA or intended as medical advice or to replace one-on-one advice from your medical professional. This article is intended for sharing advice and knowledge from Dr. Oubre’s many years in practice and from his community.

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